Thursday, December 29, 2011

Black Phoebe Facts, Pictures, Information

A unique black-and-white phoebe of the free airline, the dark-colored phoebe is almost always found near water. Polytypic (5 ssp.). Length 4.5" (11 cm).

Identification Black go, upperparts, breast; distinct bright belly, undertail coverts. Juvenile: plumage temporarily held; just like adult’s, but browner, with 2 sugar-cinnamon side cafes, sugar-cinnamon tips to the down on the upperparts.

Geographic Difference Southern American semiatra (south to western Mexico) has duller and duskier head; wildlife southern region of Isthmus of Little have substantial bright in wings.

Similar Types Exclusive. Has hybridized with the southern phoebe (Colorado); kids appear advanced.

Voice Call: includes a noisy tseew and a sharp tsip, just like the southern phoebe’s but looking more plaintive and whistled. Song: lean whistled tune involves 2 different 2-syllable phrases: a rising sa-wee followed by a falling sa-sew; usually put together one after the other.

Status and Submission Unusual to common. Breeding: woods, areas, suburbs; almost always near water. Migration: person over much of vary. Collie breeders return to Co overdue March–mid-April; get away from beginning October. Fall migrants discovered on Farallon Countries (California) beginning September–late Nov Vagrant: satisfied appears northern and eastern to southern region Or, Oregon, Florida, southern region and southern Ut, southern region Az, middle Tx, Ok, and Might. Random to Florida, north western English The philipines, and south-central Ak.

Population Increasing, with vary slowly distributing northern.

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